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11. Dec. 2019    -   Handover of the first H145 to the German Armed Forces  

D-HCBQ(13) - Airbus BK117D-2 (c/n 20282) cancelled to Germany as 77+01 10/12/2019.
Photo Credit: Sven Arnold - TEAM Harry Spotter / Daniel Fiebig - TEAM Harry Spotter
On 10.12.2019 the first H145 LUH was delivered to the German Armed Forces. The helicopter with serial 77+01 was handed over to the helicopter transport regiment 30 at Niederstetten Air Base.

07. Dec. 2019    -   SAR H145 LUH for the German Armed Forces  

D-HCBQ(13) - Airbus BK117D-2 (c/n 20282) of Airbus, 2019.
Photo Credit: Daniel Fiebig - TEAM Harry Spotter / Sven Arnold - TEAM Harry Spotter
D-HCBQ(13) was recently seen on a pre-delivery demo flight, special thanks goes to Daniel Fiebig and Sven Arnold.

01. Dec. 2019    -   Hungary takes delivery of its first two H145Ms  

D-HADI(11) - Airbus BK117D-2m (c/n 20264) cancelled to Hungary as 01 11/2019.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz

D-HMBF(27) - Airbus BK117D-2m (c/n 20266) cancelled to Hungary as 02 11/2019.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
According to an Airbus press release dated 25/11/2019, the first two of twenty H145M military helicopters have been delivered to the Hungarian Defence Forces.
The H145Ms of the Hungarian fleet are equipped with a fast roping system, high-performance camera, dual cargo hook, hoist, disaster management kit, ballistic protection as well as
an electronic countermeasures system to support the most demanding operational requirements. They are also fitted with the HForce weapon management system, developed by Airbus Helicopters,
which allows Hungary to equip and operate their aircraft with a large set of ballistic or guided air-to-ground and air-to-air weapons.

01. Dec. 2019    -   Freshly out of the paintshop  

D-HADE(17) - Airbus BK117D-2 (c/n 20297) of Airbus, 2019.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
D-HADE completes a test flight after the factory-new helicopter has left the paint shop.

01. Dec. 2019    -   H145M for The Hungarian Ministry of Defence  

D-HCBP(12) - Airbus BK117D-2m (c/n 20278) of Airbus, 2019.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
The Hungarian Ministry of Defense has ordered twenty H145M, of which c/n 20278 is one of them and due for delivery as 04.

26. Nov. 2019    -   Cancelled on export to USA  

D-HHBF - Airbus EC135T2+ (c/n 0858) cancelled to USA as N912UT 2019.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
Former military configured EC635T2+ has been cancelled from the register on export to USA and is now registered within the FAA as N912UT.

24. Nov. 2019    -   A H145 for the Coast Guard of The Philippines  

D-HADK(15) - Airbus BK117D-2 (c/n 20273) cancelled to The Philippines as CGH-1451 05/11/2019.
Photo Credit: Sven Seifert / Alexander Lutz / Alexander Nieder
The Coast Guard of the Philippines received a first H145 as part of its fleet renewal program.

24. Nov. 2019    -   A H145 VIP for the Cayman Islands Aircraft Registry  

D-HADH(12) - Airbus BK117D-2 (c/n 20272) cancelled to Cayman Islands as VP-CDR 2019.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
The H145 VIP, photographed at the Airbus factory in the summer of 2019, has since been registered to the Cayman Islands Aircraft Registry.

24. Nov. 2019    -   Airbus delivers Greeces first H145 to Airlift  

D-HCBR(15) - Airbus BK117D-2 (c/n ........) cancelled to Greece as SX-........ 11/2019.
Photo Credit: Sven Seifert
According to a press release from Airbus, Airlift from Greece has taken delivery of its first H145 helicopter, becoming the first operator of this model in Greece.

24. Nov. 2019    -   The journey of D-HDPS around half the globe  

D-HDPS(3) - Eurocopter BK117-850D-2 (c/n 7074) cancelled to New Zealand as ZK-IFL 04/11/2019.
Photo Credit: Joachim Lippl / Daniel Fiebig - TEAM Harry Spotter / Mario Stelzer / Alexander Mura
With the recently 850D-2-converted BK117 D-HDPS leaves us another former ADAC-BK117 towards New Zealand.

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