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05. Jul. 2020    -   Another wonderful piece of history  

D-HATA - Dornier-Bell UH-1D (c/n 8062) of BGS - Bundesgrenzschutz.
Photo Credit: unknown [Collection CH-53Helifan]
A very special thanks goes to CH-53Helifan for sharing a wonderful piece of history by sending in the first picture of Dornier-Bell UH-1D D-HATA.
No helicopters, but also worth mentioning are the EBF Elbeflug Nord 2501 Noratlas in the background, just stunning.

26. Jun. 2020    -   ...fresh out of the production line...  

D-HECG(27) - Airbus EC135...3H (c/n 2127) of Airbus, 2020.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
A factory new H135 fresh out of the production line was seen in primer colors on Wednesday.

26. Jun. 2020    -   A factory new H145 ACH  

D-HADJ(13) - Airbus BK117D-2 (c/n 20340) of Airbus, 2020.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
A factory new H145 ACH was pictured this week on the ramp at the Airbus factory, thanks as always to Alexander Lutz for sharing.

25. Jun. 2020    -   ADAC Luftrettung GmbH added another EC135P2+ to its fleet  

D-HXAE - Eurocopter EC135P2+ (c/n 0871) of ADAC Luftrettung GmbH, 02/2020.
Photo Credit: Andreas Gress / Alexander Mura
ADAC Luftrettung GmbH added another EC135P2+ to its fleet, recently returned from The Netherlands as PH-MMT.
Our thanks goes to Alexander Mura and Andreas Gress, who pictured this specific helicopter for the first time.

15. Jun. 2020    -   The DRF fleet renewal program is progressing  

D-HDRF(5) - Airbus BK117D-2 (c/n 20319) of DRF - Luftrettung, 04/2020.
Photo Credit: Alexander Wagner
With the handover and fleet integration of factory new H145 D-HDRF(5), the DRF fleet renewal program is progressing.

14. Jun. 2020    -   Officially handed over to German Air Force on 10th December 2019  

D-HADL(13) - Airbus BK117D-2m (c/n 20274) cancelled to Germany as 77+07 2020.
Photo Credit: Alexander Nieder / Robert Lindner / Alexander Lutz
Officially handed over to Luftwaffe (German Air Force) at Donauwoerth on 10th December 2019 as first of a total of seven H145M ordered for UH-1D SAR replacement.

14. Jun. 2020    -   Delivery of a new H135 to French HBG Helicopters Group for SAMU de Nevers  

D-HECK(38) - Airbus EC135T3H (c/n 2125) cancelled to France as F-HNEV 06/2020.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
A factory new H135 has been delivered this month to French HBG Helicopters Group for HEMS-operations with SAMU de Nevers, hence the registration.

14. Jun. 2020    -   Another H145M delivered to German Air Force  

D-HADF(20) - Airbus BK117D-2m (c/n 20281) cancelled to Germany as 77+06 10/12/2019.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz / Alexander Nieder
German Air Force took delivery of another factory new H145M by the end of last year.

14. Jun. 2020    -   D-HWIN cancelled as withdrawn from use  

D-HWIN - Hughes 269C (c/n 96-0542) cancelled as withdrawn from use 06/03/2020.
Photo Credit: Joachim Lippl / Nils Berwing / Max Gillhuber
Hughes 269C D-HWIN was cancelled as withdrawn from use at Dattenberg Heliport in early March 2020, but remains reserved.

14. Jun. 2020    -   D-HMUG : Goodbye to a real veteran  

D-HMUG - MBB BO105CB-4 (c/n S-121) cancelled to an unknown country as ........ 02/03/2020.
Photo Credit: Theo Diekmann / Raymond Michaux / Sascha Schmidt / Olaf Juergensmeier
With a tear in the eye we say goodbye to a real veteran: The 1974-built BO105 D-HMUG was registered in the German register for almost half a century, farewell old lady.

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