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03. Jun. 2021    -   Hughes 269A D-HAFO pictured almost 60 years ago  

D-HAFO - Hughes 269A (c/n 12-0042) of an unknown owner/operator, 05/1964.
Photo Credit: Collection CH-53Helifan
The latest addition to the photo database shows Hughes 269A D-HAFO c/n 12-0042 pictured almost 60 years ago when she was on a visit to the Hannover Air Show.

03. Jun. 2021    -   Three Alouette IIs added to database for the first time  

D-HAFI - SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II (c/n 1723) of BGS - Bundesgrenzschutz, 05/1962.
Photo Credit: Klaus Thomalla [Collection CH-53Helifan]

D-HBJB - Sud-Aviation 318C Alouette II (c/n 2027) of BGS - Bundesgrenzschutz, 05/1981.
Photo Credit: CH-53Helifan

D-HBJK - Sud-Aviation 318C Alouette II (c/n 2248) of BGS - Bundesgrenzschutz, 07/1981.
Photo Credit: CH-53Helifan
With great thanks to CH-53Helifan three Alouette IIs - not yet documented by photo so far - were added today to the database for the first time.

03. Jun. 2021    -   First image of Astro Delta Lima Whiskey  

D-HDLW(2) - Robinson R44 Astro (c/n 0106) of a private owner/operator, 1998.
Photo Credit: Collection CH-53Helifan
The Robinson R44 Astro D-HDLW(2) was manufactured in 1994 and was listed in the German civil helicopter register from 1994 to 1999.
Further registrations following its cancellation in 1999 were N2123E, G-KYDD, PH-WFW and C-FMBO.
On 1st October 2017, the helicopter had an accident at Campbell River, BC, Canada, an was damaged beyond repair.

03. Jun. 2021    -   An exhibit at the Hannover Air Show 1974  

D-HITS - Boelkow BO105C (c/n S-92) of BMI - Bundesministerium des Innern, 1974.
Photo Credit: Collection CH-53Helifan
An indescribably big thank you goes to CH-53Helifan for sending the first photograph of BO105 D-HITS, a visitor to the Hanover Air Show 1974.

30. May. 2021    -   New entry to the register: Bell 412EP D-HAJO(5) of AirWorks Helicopters S.l.  

D-HAJO(5) - Bell 412EP (c/n 36446) of AirWorks Helicopters S.l., 2020.
Photo Credit: Galo Gutierrez Villalon
2007-built Bell 412EP D-HAJO(5) is based at Morata de Tajuna Heliport and operated by AirWorks Helicopters S.l. from Salamanca, Spain.

23. May. 2021    -   First photograph of newly manufactured ACH125 D-HUGO(4)  

D-HUGO(4) - Airbus 350B3e Ecureuil "ACH125" (c/n 8938) of a private owner/operator, 2021.
Photo Credit: Michael Raucheisen
Our thanks go to Michael Raucheisen for his support of by publishing the first image of newly manufactured ACH125 D-HUGO(4).

23. May. 2021    -   R44 Raven D-HYPE cancelled to Romania  

D-HYPE - Robinson R44 Raven (c/n 0980) cancelled to Romania as YR-DDC 2021.
Photo Credit: Robin Slowik / Jan Beima / Jan Pluemer
The R44 Raven D-HYPE, which had been used for sightseeing flights at Palma de Mallorca for many years on behalf of Rotorflug Helicopters S.L., was cancelled to Romania.

23. May. 2021    -   A factory new H135 in primer colors  

D-HCBH(14) - Airbus EC135...3H (c/n 2150) of Airbus, 2021.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
A factory new H135 in primer colors was photographed this week at the Airbus factory in Donauwoerth.

21. May. 2021    -   D-HLAA cancelled to United Kingdom as G-CMAO  

D-HLAA - MBB BO105CB-4 (c/n S-266) cancelled to United Kingdom as G-CMAO 05/2021.
Photo Credit: Elisabeth Klimesch / Dmitry Osipov / Daniel Zummack
BO105 D-HLAA has been cancelled to UK in the second quarter of 2021.

20. May. 2021    -   First BK117D-3 for ADAC Luftrettung  

D-HBKN(2) - Airbus BK117D-3 (c/n ........) of Airbus, 2021.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
ADAC Luftrettung GmbH has ordered two units of the five-bladed D-3 version, see today our first image.

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