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01. May. 2023    -   D-HNHG(2) - A new addition for NHC Northern Helicopter  

D-HNHG(2) - Eurocopter EC155B1 (c/n 6755) of NHC - Northern Helicopter GmbH, 04/2023P.
Photo Credit: Ralf Kokoschka
NHC Northern Helicopter has added another helicopter to its fleet with EC155B1 c/n 6755.

23. Apr. 2023    -   Colibri D-HSGW canx. to Romania  

D-HSGW - Eurocopter EC120B Colibri (c/n 1604) cancelled to Romania as YR-NHE 13/03/2023.
Photo Credit: Sven Albrecht / Mick Bajcar / Franz Mayer
Privately owned Colibri D-HSGW has been cancelled to Romania on 13th March 2023.

21. Apr. 2023    -   Handover of the first new H145s to the Bavarian police  

D-HADN(12) - Airbus BK117D-3 (c/n ........) of Airbus, 2023P.
Photo Credit: Franz Mayer / Thomas Ziegler / Franz Mayer

D-HPBC - Airbus BK117D-3 (c/n 21192) of Polizei Bayern, 20/04/2023.
Photo Credit: Franz Mayer / Thomas Ziegler
The first new police helicopters were handed over to the Bavarian police in a ceremony attended by Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann.

15. Apr. 2023    -   Raven I D-HALN(5) cancelled to Belgium  

D-HALN(5) - Robinson R44 Raven I (c/n 1728) cancelled to Belgium as OO-FDP 11/04/2023.
Photo Credit: Rolf Reinhardt / Andreas Gress / Oliver Thiede
Raven I c/n 1728 of AIR LLOYD Flight Services GmbH has been cancelled to Belgium as OO-FDP on April 11th, 2023.

13. Apr. 2023    -   A factory new Airbus EC130T2  

D-HTJE - Airbus EC130T2 (c/n 9289) of a private owner/operator, 2022.
Photo Credit: Matthias Hoeglauer
The brand new and privately owned EC130T2 has been registered in Germany since 2022.

07. Apr. 2023    -   Heli Service International has recently acquired AW139 c/n 31312  

D-HHMR - Agusta-Westland AW139 (c/n 31312) of Heli Service International GmbH, 2023P.
Photo Credit: Sven Arnold - TEAM Harry Spotter
Heli Service International from Emden has recently acquired AW139 c/n 31312 in the UK.

18. Mar. 2023    -   DRF Luftrettung celebrates its 50th anniversary  

D-HXFH - Airbus BK117D-3 (c/n 21170) of DRF - Luftrettung, 12/2022P.
Photo Credit: Mark Diekmann / Mark Diekmann / Mark Diekmann
DRF Luftrettung celebrates its 50th anniversary with a special paint scheme on BK117D-3 D-HXFH.

10. Mar. 2023    -   PEGASUS Aviacion from Spain is operating two more 412EPs  

D-HFIR - Bell 412EP (c/n 36415) of Pegasus Aviación, 2022.
Photo Credit: Daniel Ferro

D-HFBI - Bell 412EP (c/n 36308) of Pegasus Aviación, 2022.
Photo Credit: Daniel Ferro
The Spanish PEGASUS Aero Group operates two more Bell 412EPs on behalf of Spanish provincial governments,
thanks to Daniel Ferro for providing us with the latest photos.

07. Mar. 2023    -   First image of Raven I D-HBAZ added to the database  

D-HBAZ - Robinson R44 Raven I (c/n 1308) of Heli-Service Ziegler GmbH, 03/06/2019.
Photo Credit: Marcel Josch
Heli-Service Ziegler GmbH operates a Raven I in a colorful paint job, advertising the Steinau adventure park.

05. Mar. 2023    -   Bell 505 D-HRAS cancelled to Switzerland  

D-HRAS - Bell 505 Jet Ranger X (c/n 65153) cancelled to Switzerland as HB-ZYJ 01/03/2023.
Photo Credit: Franz Mayer / Joachim Lippl / Joachim Lippl
Bell 505 Jet Ranger X D-HRAS has been cancelled to Chablais Heli Club from Switzerland on March 1st, 2023.

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