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21. Oct. 2020    -   Newly registered S269 D-HDHD(5) replaces D-HDHD(4)  

D-HDHD(5) - Schweizer S269 (c/n ........) of DHD Heliservice GmbH, 2020.
Photo Credit: Daniel Schwinn / Rolf Reinhardt
Thanks to Daniel Schwinn and Rolf Reinhardt we added this week the first images of newly registered Schweizer S269 D-HDHD(5), replacing D-HDHD(4).

18. Oct. 2020    -   A109S Grand cancelled to USA  

D-HBLD - Agusta A109S Grand (c/n 22155) cancelled to USA as N30GK 10/05/2020.
Photo Credit: Ron Raffety
The A109S Grand stationed on the superyacht BOLD has been cancelled to the USA in May 2020.

18. Oct. 2020    -   D-HAFO(4) cancelled to Spain  

D-HAFO(4) - Bell 412EP (c/n 36396) cancelled to Spain as EC-NMM 10/2020.
no photo in our database yet
Recently imported Bell 412EP D-HAFO(4) has been cancelled to Spain after overhaul with Agrarflug Helilift GmbH at Ahlen/Nord Heliport.

10. Oct. 2020    -   Stiftelsen Norsk Luftambulanse took delivery of the first series-produced BK117D-3  

D-HADV(11) - Airbus BK117D-3 (c/n 21001) cancelled to Norway as LN-OOA(2) 2020.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
The first series-produced BK117D-3 with a five-blade rotor was handed over to Stiftelsen Norsk Luftambulanse in a festive ceremony at Airbus Helicopters in Donauwoerth.

09. Oct. 2020    -   A factory new H135 in primer colors  

D-HCBI(12) - Airbus EC135...3H (c/n 2134) of Airbus, 2020.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
A factory new H135 in primer colors was photographed this week at the Airbus factory in Donauwoerth.

09. Oct. 2020    -   A new H145 in all yellow colors  

D-HADP(13) - Airbus BK117D-2 (c/n 20352) of Airbus, 2020.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
A newly manufactured H145 was noted in all yellow colors at the Airbus factory, thanks as always to Alexander Lutz.

08. Oct. 2020    -   H145 delivered to Serbia  

D-HADP(12) - Airbus BK117D-2 (c/n 20317) cancelled to Serbia as YU-MUP(2) 2020.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
Deliveries this year also included another factory new H145 for Serbia.

04. Oct. 2020    -   R44 Raven D-HEFA(2) cancelled to United Kingdom  

D-HEFA(2) - Robinson R44 Raven (c/n 1357) cancelled to United Kingdom as G-WHGA 02/10/2020.
Photo Credit: Thomas Schmidt-Blindenhoefer / Andreas Gress
2015-imported Robinson R44 Raven D-HEFA(2) of EA - Eurofly Aviation GmbH has been cancelled to UK in early October 2020.

04. Oct. 2020    -   A BK117D-3 for Norsk Luftambulanse  

D-HADV(11) - Airbus BK117D-3 (c/n 21001) of Airbus, 04/2020.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
Norsk Luftambulanse from Norway is due to soon take delivery of the first produced D-3 variant with construction number 21001.

03. Oct. 2020    -   The first image of NHCs latest fleet addition  

D-HNHE(2) - Eurocopter EC155B1 (c/n 6681) of NHC - Northern Helicopter GmbH, 21/08/2020.
Photo Credit: Mats Kaiser
Thanks to Mats Kaiser for submitting the first image of NHCs latest fleet addition, Eurocopter EC155B1 c/n 6681, imported from Belgium in August 2020.

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