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19. Nov. 2018    -   Fleet update for HTM - Helicopter Travel Munich  

D-HCCF - Airbus BK117D-2 (c/n 20206) of HTM - Helicopter Travel Munich, 04/2018.
Photo Credit: Matthias Hoeglauer
In April 2018 Ottobrunn-based carrier HTM - Helicopter Travel Munich took delivery of a factory new BK117D-2, see our first picture of that specific helicopter.

19. Nov. 2018    -   A new EC135T3 for French HEMS operator Babcock MCS France  

D-HCBH(12) - Airbus EC135T3 (c/n 1263) cancelled to France as F-HLNO 15/11/2017.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
A factory new EC135T3 was delivered to Babcock MCS France in November 2017 and entered service as SAMU33 from Bordeaux.

19. Nov. 2018    -   A factory new EC135T3H for KN Helicopters A/S from Denmark  

D-HCBF(11) - Airbus EC135T3H (c/n 2058) cancelled to Denmark as OY-HNK 30/07/2018.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz / Ole Meisen
KN Helicopters A/S from Esbjerg, Denmark, took delivery of a factory new EC135T3H by end of July 2018.

18. Nov. 2018    -   A new gate guard at Ganderkesee Atlas Airfield  

D----- - Enstrom F-28A-D (c/n 184) of Atlas Airfield GmbH.
Photo Credit: Herb Hunter
Ganderkesee Atlas Airfield has a new gate guard in form of well known Enstrom F-28A-D c/n 184 built in 1974 and formerly registered as D-HOLA.

15. Nov. 2018    -   D-HDSQ(2) in service as Christoph 11  

D-HDSQ(2) - Airbus BK117D-2 (c/n 20222) of DRF - Luftrettung, 11/2018.
Photo Credit: Michael Mau
The latest addition to the DRF-fleet entered service as Christoph 11.

09. Nov. 2018    -   Cancelled to Japan  

D-HCBD(10) - Airbus EC135P3H (c/n 2061) cancelled to Japan as JA03WP 11/2018.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
Japanese National Police Agency took delivery of a factory new EC135P3H in November 2018.

09. Nov. 2018    -   First of 100 H135s delivered to China per a framework agreement  

D-HCBG(12) - Airbus EC135P3H (c/n ........) of Airbus, 2018.
Photo Credit: Tianqi Yao
Airbus has delivered one H135 to the Health Commission of Qingdao, making this helicopter the first of 100 H135s to be delivered to China per a framework agreement signed in June 2016.

07. Nov. 2018    -   New paint-scheme for Thuringia Police  

D-HTHC(2) - Eurocopter BK117C-2 (c/n 9117) of Polizei Thüringen, 11/2018.
Photo Credit: Johannes Herrmann
Freshly repainted Thuringia Police BK117C-2 D-HTHC(2) is now fully completed wearing POLIZEI-titels and the Thuringia Police Crest.

01. Nov. 2018    -   Cancellations  

D-HOSF - Sikorsky S-76B (c/n 760413) cancelled to South Korea as HL9647 2018.
Photo Credit: Mark Diekmann / Magnus Reinke - TEAM Harry Spotter / Christoph Meyer

01. Nov. 2018    -   Cancellations  

D-HOSC(2) - Sikorsky S-76B (c/n 760391) cancelled to South Korea as HL9646 2018.
Photo Credit: Daniel Fiebig - TEAM Harry Spotter / Christoph Stiegler / Christoph Meyer

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